Web Development

At True code masters we understand that your website tells a lot about your business and that is why it is important to design and develop it well. Everything is going online and we believe in making you grow your business online. We think that a web site creates first impression in the mind of people. If a person visits your website he/she is concerned about the work you do. That is why we focus in creating a website that conveys your business properly to people. Our unique designs and work impresses a person when he/she visits your website and they have a sense of belief that they have landed to the right place. We design and develop your website in such a way that whoever goes through your website gets the best experience. When we develop a website for you we aim to give a web platform to you in world.

What we noticed when we dealt with various clients is that they are unhappy due to pricing scheme and late delivery of web projects. When you work with us we guarantee you that we would deliver you the web project as per the estimated time. We believe in dedication in work and we strive hard to give best results in small as well as big projects.

Our Company works on programming languages like ASP.NET and PHP to give best possible web solution to you. We believe that your website should create a great impression once any visitor visits it. That is why we add our creativity in each and every website design so that you come as a brand in bunch of other companies!

Here are some basic technologies we use to deliver you web development project – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XML, SOAP, AJAX, JQuery. Our web expertise lies in PHP, ASP.NET, MySQL, WordPress, eCommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart etc.

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Reasons for choosing us in web development project:

  • We work on MVC architecture so that your source code is well organised.
  • Many a times clients demand for a responsive web design so that it can be seen properly in mobiles and tablets. Well, we customize your website in such a way that it is responsive and your customers can access it in all the devices.
  • Before moving your site to the live server we ensure whether your website is compatible with all the browsers.
  • You have an advantage of maintaining your website with us.
  • As you know technologies get upgraded every time. That is why we upgrade your website to latest technology. For Example: We have upgraded many web applications from ASP to ASP.NET.
  • Many clients are unsure about the platform they need to use for their project. We help them to know about the latest technologies and how we can use it in their project.