Application Maintenance Service

We understand that for any successful application to run it is very important that it runs without any error. At times it is quite frustrating during application failure not only for the company but also for the people using the particular application. We understand that you might need a trusted IT partner when application maintenance becomes more complex. True Code Masters have therefore brought a great solution to maintain your application so that it does not frustrates you whenever you run it.

It is possible that the application was made years ago and now it is becoming quite complex for you to maintain it. You can choose us to maintain your complex applications so that your customers do not feel frustrated while using it. We aim towards giving you a hassle free application environment. With our application maintenance services we aim towards helping you to gain maximum benefit out of existing IT applications.


Reason for choosing us as an ongoing partner for application maintenance and support:

  • Efficient application:

When we develop your application or when you give us an application to maintain, our prime objective is to maintain it effectively and efficiently. Either it is a software application or a web application we believe in providing you on time support.

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  • A great business advantage:

We believe that IT strategy and improvement in service are interlinked with each other. Many top level organisations are now realizing the real need of IT partners who can maintain their application so that their businesses do not sink. With this perspective True Code masters focuses on facilitating the application maintenance service up to 99.95% so that you have a great advantage in your business

  • Flexibility in providing services:

We believe that application is not at all steady. IT keeps on fluctuating and this leads to fluctuating needs of customers. That is why we provide flexible services so that we can equip you with necessary resources when you urgently need them. 

  • Agility:

As we live in IT environment we know that due to frequent changes, there is a possibility that application loses its agility. Many times big companies use majority of resources to deal with the problem. At True code masters we believe in using minimum resources and capital to give the advantage of agility.