Development Process

We follow a development process which is efficient and in favour with clients. We believe in 100% satisfied clients that is why we chose agile development process. We want our clients to be involved with the project at every stage so that they know that we are working as per their need. So we have put aside the traditional development process in which the work can be seen only after completion of the project. We think that an instant feedback is better than a feedback after completion of the project. With agile development process we give a great advantage of using the prototype of project in development phase itself. This not only helps you to track your work but also helps us to deliver a solution as per your need.

At times, clients just have an idea before starting a project and their requirement may change in between. With this view in mind we have chosen a development process which is flexible with your needs. We believe in “transparency,” this means that we welcome you to view the project whenever you want!

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In this stage we would work with you so that you can help us in identifying different user roles. What idea you have for your project? How do you want us to execute it? What would be your target audience?

In this stage too we would need your help in creating a list of user stories. Each user story will have a brief about the task that needs to be completed.

After listing down the brief on each user story we would provide you a rough estimate on each task. This would help you to know about the estimated delivery of your project.

Your priority is most important to us. You are the one who would prioritize each task so that we can start the work which is No. 1 in your priority list.

We would implement selected task that you want to be completed first. This is quite obvious that as we involve you in every stage, we would discuss each and every single detail about the task with you so that you have a clear idea about the project.

After the task is completed is 100% completed we would test it and would hand it over to you so that you can use the site and verify that whether the user story work according to you or not.

You can add new user story or re-prioritize any user story whenever you want. If you find any fault in something then we would repeat the steps and re-implement the user story just for you


We have delivered successful results with the above projects. Now it’s your turn!